Luxury Living

“A beautifully finished and furnished luxury property, there's everything you'll ever need and it's just a short stroll to the town. I'll definitely stay there again.”
mattth142 (

Gas Fire

Everyone likes a fire, not many like getting the firewood. The Edwardian apartments living space is focused on the gorgeous gas powered fireplace. Warm and very convenient with fire at the flick of a switch.

Sky TV

No need to miss that blockbuster release or the big game just because you are away. The Edwardian comes with sport and movies plus all the other great stations available on Sky Satellite.

Sound system

The Yamaha media centre drives a 5.1 surround sound cinema experience. It's clean and realistic sound characters make listening to music or watch movies a pleasure.

CD/DVD Player

The CD/DVD player is integrated into the Yamaha media centre. Bring your own movies and music to personalise your stay at The Edwardian.

iPod's & Portable Media Players

The Yamaha media centre has an iPod 3.5mm jack (see photo above) and power located behind it so you can plug in and listen to your favourite tunes without any messing around. 


The Edwardian dining table is located in the centre of common area. It is a large table surrounded by six comfortable dining chairs.

The Edwardian apartment has an extensive quality Maxwell & Williams place setting available for up to 6 people.

Separate red, white and sparkling wine glasses accompanied by high ball and whisky glasses complete the setting.


The Edwardian luxury apartment has a large collection of books available for you to read at your leisure. Classics, photography, travel, novels & Egyptology are some of the reading options.

Guest Couches

Comfortable and relaxing seating for up to 6 surrounds the TV and Fireplace.